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At Palpx, we are multidisciplinary. Here design, tech and media is synthesised into a culture. A culture that looks at the larger picture, what astronauts have better termed as the "Overview effect". We are driven by questions  "What is the impact of an object, a symbol, a product, a film on the culture ? ". Asking questions is just one part of the equation, we are actively shaping the much needed answers too. Its in our culture.


Understanding the problem and the world it exists in, the people it affects and is affected by. Research in its purest form.


What is it that makes something unique? What are the key emotions & solutions that will define the  product?


Molding and shaping those key emotions into tangible forms. Establishing a dialogue between the product & its audience.


What is an amazing product good for if it doesnt reach its audience? Enlightening and informing, making lives easier.

A logical 4 step structuring  turns obstacles into assets. This has allowed us to create remarkable products with utmost efficiency. We are a robust team of experienced, passionate and dedicated experts from IITs and other prime institutes, focused on your success. We come from multiple backgrounds and skills to weave magic for you.


Palpx brings in high quality, top notch research based design strategies to Small & Medium size Enterprises with great products, at a fractional cost, delivering promising solid results.

We are providing these  strategies to corporates and governments and enable them to create strong & seamless user experiences that reflect their ethos to make their user’s lives easier. We are strengthening the identities of multiple products across the globe to adapt to the needs of the current consumer and market trends.

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