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An object, a product, a software, an application, a film, a story, are all chunks of information arranged in meticulous ways to create an experience. We gather, structure, focus, filter and present this information in evocative ways that captures audiences' imaginations. Information that helps you in making decisions. From concept sketches to full blown films, we strive for creating content that engages &  immerses the audiences in what they seek and surprises that take them beyond.


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Pxero is a production company

with a modern flair for content production. Film-making for the 22nd century & beyond.

With a solid crew

Highly talented filmmakers,artists,designers, artificial intelligence engineers, analysts, strategists & marketing professionals who want to fine tune film-making through a rational approach. 

whose Approach is rooted in process​.

Using best tools, technology and process to enhance and support creativity. Bringing tight collaborative teamwork to produce consistently entertaining & successful films.

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A bilingual monthly tabloid published in Australia. With a readership of more than 15000, Metro Malayalam is a modern news magazine with its roots deep in Kerala tradition and culture. Ranging content for all age groups it acts as a bridge between cultures and proliferates creativity and networking of like minded people. 

Metro Malayalam also organises and supports a variety of events.

Metro Malayalam Awards is a gala event which recognizes and awards eminent people for their contribution to the society.

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